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Apptr is a powerful but super simple chrome extension that makes it easy to analyze youtube comments to better understand and connect with your audience.

How it works ?

Discover new content ideas in minutes

Be inspired with new content ideas and direct your creative juices in the right direction. Automatically get feedback from viewer comments to quickly find out what viewers loved and hated about your video content.

Discover new content ideas

Understand the emotion of your audience

Find what emotions subscribers are feeling when they watch your videos. Keep viewers engaged by understanding how they are emotionally connecting to your content.

Understand the emotion

Analyze viewer comments by time of video

Pinpoint the analysis of audience feedback and emotion by time of video on the YouTube progress bar. Discover if content is connecting with the audience at the right time and what viewers think of the video by YouTube chapters.

Analyze viewer comments

Turn viewer comments into more revenues

Discover sponsorship and product partnerships ideas from viewer feedback. Find product trends that can be monetized, improve audience retention and increase watch time.

Turn viewer comments into more revenues
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