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Apptr’s API seamlessly analyzes, then interprets unstructured customer and product data into easy to understand data summaries and valuable business insights. Use Apptr to create great products, improve customer experience and automate research

Product Teams
Build innovative products customer love with valuable data insights
Customer Experience Teams
Improve customer experience and interpret the complete voice of the customer
Research Teams
Automate market research and find insights on competitor products

Story Based Data Analysis

Apptr’s story engine technology is the missing piece in textual data analysis. Break free from sentiment analysis, traditional charts and word clouds. Instead interpret unstructured textual data in the form of simple data summaries letting your data speak for itself.
Connect Unstructured Data
Upload your unstructured data via Direct Integrations, Excel/CSV or API. Unstructured textual data comes from sources like: Reviews, Social media, News etc.
Metadata and Entity Extraction
Unstructured data is analyzed and parsed with entity extraction, classifying unstructured text data into defined categories like people, names, organizations and geolocation.
Aggregation and Similarity Grouping
Clusters are formed, aggregated and grouped based on similarity from unstructured data with auto generated Machine Learning (ML) technology.
Data Summaries and Actionable Insights
The unstructured data is then transformed into stories composed of easy to understand data summaries, actionable insights and emotions from your data.

Business Critical Unstructured Data is Overlooked

Unstructured Data is data that hasn’t been ordered, analyzed and defined. It’s typically textual data that comes from things like social media posts, surveys, support tickets, CRM’s, reviews, news, publications, email, chat and call support data etc. 80 to 90% of Enterprise data is unstructured and less than .5% is analyzed and used for business intelligence leaving missed opportunities to transform business operations and optimize performance.

Complete Analysis of VoC Data

Voice of the Customer (VoC) is feedback from customers around experiences from your company, products and services. The majority of VoC data is unstructured and difficult to analyze. Social listening and sentiment analysis tools have limitations. Sentiment analysis can only provide interpretations of data in the form of sentiment (positive, negative, neutral). Listening tools focus just on social media and only monitor hashtags and keywords. As a result, proper analysis is not done on the data and important insights are left undefined. Apptr helps in delivering a complete analysis quickly interpreting unstructured data into simple data summaries and actionable insights.

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Create Great Products • Improve Customer Experience • Automate Research