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Apptr’s Partner Program is a strategic alliance with companies who want to grow their business by adding world-class technology to their core products. Apptr’s story engine technology automates the analysis of unstructured data and converts it into easy to understand data summaries and actionable insights for business intelligence. Companies use Apptr in their products to enhance their current product suite and features giving their customers the ability to see deep insights into data that matter most to their business.

Summarize Customer Reviews
Organize News & Events
Event And Risk Detection
Automate Social Media Analysis

Stories on Customer Reviews

Let your customers group similar feedback and reviews to fully uncover what stories customers are saying about their brand and products.

Find frequently talked about product features
Understand customers needs and make better decisions
Learn how customers view your brand, product and services

Organize News & Events

Allow your customers to aggregate news and events from multiple sources and present a single report

Quickly summarize global world events on social media with story based analysis
Advanced grouping and aggregation of data with machine generated headlines
Identify people and locations being reported on with NER and Sentiment Analysis

Event And Risk Detection

Help your customers to detect early signals of high impact events, emerging risks and business critical information.

Help customers identify risks to their brand, physical assets and people
Receive critical information and help your customers respond with confidence
Find unpredictable trends and risks from your data

Automate Social Media Analysis

Discover trends, find new market opportunities and help your customers to make better business intelligence decisions

Structure social media content with story based analysis
Help brands analyze key market trends and consumer needs
Extract hidden metadata from raw social media content
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Integrate Apptr into your products in minutes. We’ve built a powerful API to enhance your current product suite that includes descriptive API documentation, dashboards and a sandbox environment to explore.

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