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Welcome to Apptr a powerful but super simple chrome extension that makes it easy to analysis YouTube viewer comments to better understand and connect with your audience.
We developed Apptr to help with the time consuming and difficult task of analyzing viewer comments to find valuable feedback that helps you grow your YouTube channel.
We are on a mission to help YouTube content creators and influencers transform viewer comments into new content ideas, more subscribers and higher channel revenues.
It’s easy to get started.

Go to the Apptr Chrome Store here

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  1. Click on add to chrome
  1. Click add extension
  1. You will see Apptr added to your chrome extensions. You can pin it to your toolbar if you like for ease of use.
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  1. Next open up YouTube, go to any YouTube video
  1. You will now see a button that says - "Analyze Comments" above the comments section.
  1. Click on Analyze Comments. You will be asked to log in through a gmail account.
  1. Once you log in, exit out of the login screen
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  1. You will now see a button that says "Start Analysis" just click on that and you'll be able to start analyzing YouTube viewer comments.
So what can you do with Apptr?
There are 5 key features - Overview, Emotions, Trends, Chapters and AI search.
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With Overview you will be able to get a summary of  the total number of comments and replies, number of comments analzed and comments left by date, time and day of the week.
Emotions will help you better understand the emotions of your audience after viewing your YouTube video content. You will be able to drill down and click into each emotion and see what comments make up those emotions. Use emotions to understand how your audience is connecting with your content
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Trends help you discover what viewers are talking about most after viewing your YouTube content. We identify, group and then summarize similar comments to help you automatically find viewer trends. We also identify popular phrases mentioned by your viewers. Click on each phrase to see exactly where it was mentioned in the comment section. Use trends and popular phrases to find new content ideas and what were the most important topics of discussion from your videos.
Chapters help you analzye viewer comments by time of video. You are able to pinpoint the analysis of audience feedback by time of video and emotion on the YouTube progress bar. Use chapters to find out if your content is connecting with the audience at the right time and what viewers think of your content at a specific time in the video.
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AI search was created to help you easily search for any important textual data in comments. For example, if you have a food channel and want to find out what viewers think of the “Taste” of your dish from the video. Search for taste and Apptr will find all the relevant viewer comments that include taste. Use AI search to help you quickly find anything you’re looking for in an abundance of comments.
Please contact us anytime if you have any questions or need help using Apptr.

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