Discover Insights From Product Reviews that Transform the Customer Experience

Apptr delivers advanced analytics on product reviews. Easily import and analyze product reviews on marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart and Target with a click of a button.

Customer Stories

Apptr groups similar reviews and summarizes the feedback into easy to understand summaries we call customer stories. Find valuable insights into the customer experience, product trends and voice of the customer.

Highlight & Lowlights

Discover top product highlights and lowlights from your customer reviews. Find out what customers love about your products and what areas of your products need improvement.

Automatic Classification

Classify your customer reviews into key critical features and operational categories like shipping, price, or product quality. Dig into insights that align with company goals to ensure your products and customer experiences are meeting expectations.

Emotion based Analysis

Drill into over 15 different types of emotions customers experience during the customer journey. Find out what feelings customers are sharing when they review your products to better understand customer values, perceptions and underlying behavioral traits.

Competitor Analysis

Analyze competitor product reviews to better understand the competitive landscape. See what customers are saying about your biggest competitor’s products and their customer experience.

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